pet allergy symptoms

How To Own A Pet While Having Allergies!

Living with Pet Allergies 

dealing with pet allergiesThree out of every 10 Americans with allergies are allergic to the most common pets in American households – dogs and cats. And while the risk of having a serious allergic reaction in response to pet dander is great, many still prefer to have pets in their homes primarily for the many benefits that pets provide.

Especially dogs, pets are a great source of emotional strength for individuals who may be depressed. The loyalty and companionship afforded by pets is undeniably greater …

cat urine

5 Cat Urine Odor Removal Tips


How to get urine smell out of carpet is something thousands of cat owners are searching for and it isn’t difficult to understand the need for an answer. Cats may be great but they can go to the bathroom inside the house, even though they have a litter box but the smell left behind can put a lot of people off from owning a cat. It is a shame because cats can be lovely little companions; however, you do need to know how to remove …

rescue a dog

When not to rescue a dog

You might be surprised to see a post about when not to rescue a dog on a site devoted to rescue dogs. There are times though where it might not be the best thing for you or for the dog.

Your dog is going to be with you for many years, so it’s worth thinking this decision over carefully before making a commitment. Here are some pointers to help you decide when it might be a good idea to walk away.

When the dog is not

dog nutrition

How to Maintain Your Dog’s Nutritional Requirements

Our dogs’ nutritional requirements understandably change as they grow old. When they are puppies, they require a lot of carbohydrates for energy, protein for muscle development and calcium for bones and teeth growth. But as they grow role, they require a more balanced diet.

So how can we maintain our dog’s nutritional requirement? We have to focus more on what they really need.

Even this is changing so let’s talk about a few factors to consider if we are to keep up with the changes in …

Less Active pets

Advantages of Older, Less Active pets

Everyone loves puppies and kittens! What’s not to love? They play non-stop, they’re big-on bushes when it comes to cuddling, and they can be cute even after they’ve made a mess on your carpet. Of course young pets appeal to just about everyone regardless of if you’re an animal person or not, but are they really the best option for everyone looking to get a pet?

Something that prospective pet owners seldom consider are the advantages of adopting an older, less active pet. Older pets are …

Pet Spots

Ways On How You Can Remove Pet Spots on the Carpets and Rugs

Pet owners sometimes have to deal with the task of getting spots out of carpets and rugs. There are several ways for how to get urine smell out of carpet and rugs as well as any other spots that a pet may make on it.

For New Stains/Spots

For spots or stains that have just been made they may not be so difficult to remove (these are the ones that are still wet). There are a few simple steps to follow to ensure that the spot …

Eliminate Dog Hair

Five Amazing Tips to Completely Eliminate Dog Hair and Odor Inside the House

For everyone who has a pet they know the woes of having hair and odor all over the house. There are many resources available on how to get rid of dog smell. Hair and odor from dogs can be very difficult to manage and get rid of once it is in the home but it can be done successfully.

A Few Preventative Methods

There are a few tips that are handy to help with preventing the dog’s hair and smell from getting all over the house.…

Cat Urine Cleaner

3 Homemade Cat Urine Cleaner Recipes

For cat owners there are a few great homemade urine cleaner recipes than can be used in case of accidents. Using homemade products are a great way to save money and are also as great an odor eliminator as the store branded cleaners.

Vinegar/Baking Soda Spray

The vinegar and baking soda are a great way to neutralize the cat urine smell. Combining the two is an inexpensive and quick way on how to get urine smell out of carpet and furniture or places in your home.The …

Removing Cat Urine Smell

Removing Cat Urine Smell: Neutralizing Options For The Smell Of Urine

Cats are lovely pets to have around the house, however if they have an accident in the house the scent is very difficult to get rid of without the right idea of what to do. Some cats are trained and will know to use their litter box but even the trained cats can still mess up. If you have a carpet in your home the cat may easily soil it. There are several ways of how to get urine smell out of carpet.

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